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Back in the summer of 2014, I was diagnosed with early stage one gallbladder cancer at the age of 25. I immediately started the chemo pill in hopes I could nip it in the bud before it worsened. Unfortunately my body rejected the treatment and I dropped down to 75 pounds. Over the following months, I slowly started losing my hair and my body was deteriorating quickly. I was on eleven different medications and my body was addicted to the opiates that I was prescribed to. I became very depressed and began losing my will to live. After much consideration, I decided to have my gallbladder removed instead of continuing treatment.

I had many complications during my surgery, which led me to lose all feeling in my left thigh. Also due to malpractice, I developed seizure disorder, chronic pancreatitis and gastroparesis. After the operation, I left for treatment in upstate NY and went through an intensive detox & rehabilitation program in order to rid my body of all the toxins. It was there that I found a more holistic approach to healing and was introduced to yoga and herbal medicine. After months of  yoga training and physical therapy, I was finally able to detox my body and walk with a cane.

Unfortunately, I was still suffering from 4 seizures a week, including a Grand Mal that lasted 12 minutes. My nurses recommended that I look into Charlotte's Web, a CBD oil that was saving many sick children from their seizure disorders. They thought this natural approach could help control my seizures too. After a thorough amount of research, I decided to make the move. I left home in 2015 from Kansas City, MO and moved to Colorado Springs, CO so I could legally try this miracle oil.

After six months of my daily tincture and topical treatment, I was able to eat, gain weight, hold a job, drive a vehicle and most importantly, I could WALK again! I no longer had to use my cane and I became a little bit stronger every single day. My hair started growing again and my spark slowly began to shine through. 

In 2017, I accepted a position in an extraction lab, learning the science behind tinctures, topicals, edibles and concentrates. I used to whip up different concoctions in my kitchen and share them all with my friends and family. The following year, I decided to go to yoga teacher training, so I could share the gift of yoga with others. After I graduated, I started offering yoga classes and my own brand of herbal medicine, tinctures, topicals and oils. I hosted private events, traveled to tradeshows, set up a booth whenever I could and Sacred Palace Boutique was officially born!

Over the past few years, I've expanded the herbal apothecary to air purifying plants, homemade goods, handmade accessories and small batch art. It has been such a pleasure exploring my passions and watching Sacred Palace grow into what it is today.

​After 8 years of learning, I decided to move back to Missouri in 2021 to be closer to family and share my passion with my friends and loved ones. I currently live on a small homestead with my significant other and we continue to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  I am eternally grateful to have a second chance at life and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Thank you for supporting my small business!

Megan Mobley
Owner and Founder


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Columbia, MO 65203

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